In the continued longing to see you all, we are to entice you again! With a “$1 ART RAFFLE “ that is sure to delight. This month we have picked three striking pieces of art by three dynamic local artist. Cheryl Fidel, Sharon Eng and Michele Moore. Thank you so much for your donations ladies. We invite you to come to the art center located at 5950 Sam Shapos Way and enter to win one or all of these magnificent pieces of art. 
Beginning Dec 7th and running till Jan 30th, 2021. We are running it longer because we will be closed from December 20th, 2020 and will be back January 4th, 2021. Raffle tickets are $1 or 6 tickets for $5. No online option. Raffle tickets may only be purchased at the art center. Come enjoy this months exhibition of “Everything Holiday”. 
Drawing will be held February 1st, 2021, during our Facebook Live Kaleidoscope of the Arts radio show. Hosted by Marie LaBrosse and DeeDee Gozion Tune in December 7th for the winners of Bob Miller’s, Carroll Stone’s and Pauline Stickler’s art pieces for Novembers raffle. 
For more information about our Monthly $1 Art Raffle, please call 941-423-6460. Thank you. 
Cheryl Fidell:  “Candle Holder with Shell Terrarium”.
This beachy candle in a clear glass holder, complete with sand, shells, and sea glass, is a welcomed addition to any beach-loving home or office.  The candle holder stands approximately 10” tall and is accented in white cording.  This can easily transport the lucky winner to earlier times of strolling along the shore, beachcombing for shells, while feeling the sand crunch underfoot.  The Artist Cheryl Fidell appreciates the natural beauty of the items that the sea washes upon the shores.  She knows how calming it can be to stroll along and let the worries wash away with the tides.   
Sharon Eng: “Beacon” in Acrylic.
This lovely acrylic painting captures the calm and the peace that can fall upon you as the day comes to a close.  This painting is undeniably therapeutic; it is an excellent antidote to the madness of 2020.  The artist,  Ms. Sharon Eng, created this little jewel; it measures 8 x 10 and is on gallery-wrapped stretchers, meaning no frame needed!   The calm water and night sky explore the colors of blues and purples.  The sky is sprinkled with the twinkles of far-distant stars.  A light house stands on the left shore, reflecting in the water, and a whitish cloud parallels the land at the horizon.   This little painting exemplifies simplicity, when more is said with less.   We recommend gazing at this painting when pressures of the day mount; focus on the peace, the calm, and your blood pressure will drop.  
Ms. Eng categorizes her style as “representational abstract”.  She represents the natural world, be it landscapes, forests, beach scenes, etc, in a variety of media.  She loves to travel and returns with ideas and images to put to paper.  Her work can be found at and  She can be found on Facebook at Doodleng-Art-By-Sharon-Eng. 
Michele Moore: Raccoon Skull Covered in Florida Spotted Garfish Scales”
Artist Michele Moore has done it again!  This unusual creation is pure fantasy and assembled from animal bones which happen to be the skull of a raccoon, garfish scales, and a catfish barb.  (Did you know that Native Americans used garfish scales as arrow heads?).   This piece measures approximately 5” x 4.5”.  This sculpture could be the head of a dragon or of an ankle-biting creature that tenaciously stands guard to the entrance to a warlock’s cave or to a teenager’s disheveled and odiferous bedroom.  Your imagination is the limit to the purposes of this magical sculpture.  Make no bones about it; this work is unique and certainly is a conversation starter.
Michele Moore can be reached at and  Her work can be purchased online and at The Artisans Port Gift Shop, North Port Art Center’s gift store.