Featured Artist

Michele Moore


The Bone Boutique

Bone Boutique is a collection of handcrafted fine natural bone jewelry & sculptures. All of our products are humanely harvested and sanitized.

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The beauty of bone structure in nature is something that is not brought to our eyes on a regular basis, normally considered as Taboo. The Bone Boutique integrates that beauty back to life through hand made jewelry and creative articulations. These works come from specimens that were humanely harvested and thoroughly cleansed and sanitized. Different species of skeletons are amazingly recreated, piece by piece, to represent the circle of nature that is The Bone Boutique.

Throughout the past, there have been many unconventional artists that have inspired generations to tap into their own artistic abilities. Creating something truly different is what Michele Moore continues to do with her bone jewelry and sculptures. 

 Born in New York in 1973, and raised in Miami, Michele drew inspiration and education from her mother, Alma. Alma was a home economics teacher, always sewing, cooking, and crafting. Michele made sure to pay attention, and together they produced high quality beaded jewelry. Michele graduated from SW high school in Miami and decided to leave the busy life behind, moving to North Port in 2005, with Alma soon after, joining her. 

Michele never considered herself classically artistic, but was always creative and easily inspired. After losing Alma in 2017, she started to see inspiration in so many more aspects of life, as well as death. While on a local hike in North Port, Michele spotted a small rabbit skull on the ground. The skull was laying in a manner that she could see all of the small ornate nasal passages inside. This perfect pattern was made in nature, and she decided that this beauty needs to be shared. 

    Three years into sharpening her craft, Michele sits on the board of directors at the North Port Art Center, and has won numerous awards for her meticulous and stunning work. Her contagious enthusiasm has grown to be loved by many. She hopes to inspire future artists to chase whatever creative dreams may come to them. Michele continues to draw inspiration from her mother,  in addition to many wondrous displays of nature. With this medium, the sky is the limit, and Michele will continue reaching for the stars!