North Port Poetry Workshop

Poetry at the Pond April 2017 Back row, left to right, Scott Zirkelback, Wyc Allen, Stacy Silvey, Alene Kincaid, Alan Hodgson, Cheryl Srnka, welcome guest Front row, left to right, Cindy Parsons, Penny Jackson, Patricia Cable Deeder, Dobie Pasco, Linda Wright, Emma Feix Alberts

May You

May you always have love to share,

Cash to spare and friends who care!

May you always have a roof over head,

And be able to sleep in a comfortable bed.

May you have  food on the table,

And to enjoy it, always be able.

May you have a vehicle to get around,

But keep both feet planted on the ground.

May your life always be worthwhile,

And always be able to wear a smile.

May you have a mind that is sound,

And riches in your life to be found.

May you have good health to do as you please,

And have someone to bless you as you sneeze.

May you have family and friends to love,

And seek guidance from Heaven above. 

Arlene S. Kincaid

The North Port Poetry Workshop celebrated its 33rd anniversary as a writing club in September. Although the group has not been able to meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month, since February, we have enjoyed poetry month in April online together by posting poetry and videos of ourselves reading poetry on FaceBook. We have also found a venue with The Emma Show, a home version of Writers on the Air radio program airing on FaceBook Live Sundays at 3:00 pm on host Emma Feix Alberts home page. 

The North Port Art Center Gallery has graciously hosted and fostered a relationship with the North Port Poetry Workshop for 10 years!  Thank you for including our group in your plans for the gallery and beyond.

North Port Poetry Workshop January 2020 Left to right, Alan Hodgson, Dick Patton, Isolde Hunter, seated, Dobie Pasco and Jo Ellen Gantner, standing
North Port Poetry Workshop August 2019 Left to right, Marilyn Enoch, Jo Ellen Gantner, Arlene Kincaid
North Port Poetry Workshop August 2019 Left to right, Marilyn Enoch, Jo Ellen Gantner, Arlene Kincaid, Izzy Hunter, Alan Hodgson
Poetry Night at the Library November 2018 Left to right, Scott Zirkelback, Dobie Pasco, Cheryl Srnka, Arlene Kincaid, Alan Hodgson
North Port Poetry Workshop October 2019 Left to right, Jo Ellen Gantner, Scott Zirkelback, Linda Wright, Arlene Kincaid, Alan Hodgson
NPACG reception show January 2019 Back, left to right, gallery guests Front, left to right, Cheryl Srnka, Barbara Baldwin
Poetry at the Pond April 2019 Left to right, Alan Hodgson, Jo Ellen Gantner, Arlene Kincaid, Scott Zirkelback, Dick Patton, Dobie Pasco
North Port Poetry Workshop January 2019 Carole Castagna
North Port Poetry Workshop January 2019 Left to right, Arlene Kincaid, Izzy Hunter, Susan Clogg, Cheryl Srnka, Patricia cable Deeder


Robert Scott Zirkelback

is a self-taught poet with over 400 poems written in the last 20 years. He is the facillator for the North Port Poetry Workshop, hosting monthly meet and reads, as well as serving as emcee for 2 open mic events annually. He is active at the North Port Art Center Gallery, writing and attending reception shows. He regularly appears on Writers on the Air, a local radio show highlighting area writers and poets. He is currently writing his first collection of poetry, The Blue Fish Sailor. He has co-written the last 4 of the 9 Weavers of Words books produced by the North Port Poetry Workshop. His poetry can also be found in anthology, The Poets of Madison County, available on Amazon.

Alan Hodgson

Is an 81 year old retired airline captain. Grew up in England and married a young lady who lived at least 300 yards away. They recently celebrated their Diamond Anniversary.

As a musician, he played trumpet, guitar, sax, and recently retired from the keyboard as arthritis came to play.

Came first to Denver in the US, in 1963, then lived in TX, MO, NY, CT and finally settled in Florida. As a painter, and for some time now a procrastinating painter, he was a member of Cape Coral Art League and supervised their scholarship program for several years.

Turning his hand to writing, Alan is now a member of Peace River Writers, Charlotte Harbor Writers, and the Northport Writers Workshop, and lives peacefully in Port Charlotte.

Arlene S. Kincaid

I was born in Boone County, Indiana, where I graduated from both Lebanon High School and in 1960 with a degree in Speech Therapy from Ball State Teacher’s College in Muncie, Indiana.I helped start the Speech Therapy Program in the Lawrence Township Schools working in Indiana for five years before moving to DeSoto County, Florida with my husband, James Kincaid in 1968. We relocated to Port. Charlotte, where I continued working as a speech therapist in the Charlotte County schools starting in 1971. I retired from Liberty Elementary School in 1998, however I substituted for another 11 years, and still volunteer working with students with reading difficulties.

Presently, I am the PR Chair for the Charlotte County Retired Educators. For several years I chaired the ABC Crafters. A crafting group that made and sold items to benefit the CCREA’s scholarship fund helping college students become future educators. James and I have two sons, Mark and Jeffrey and two grandsons, Kyle and Kevin. Locally, our son Jeff owns and operates, Captain Ted’s Tackle Shop in Murdock, Florida.I host a once monthly Writer’s Tea at the Port Charlotte Cultural Center and I am a member of the North Port Poetry Workshop. I have always had the desire to write and after retirement I began writing more seriously having written and published 12 books with another nearing completion. I write each and every day and enjoy it very much.

Marilyn Enoch

I am a retired school teacher and, after retiring, I conducted professional development for teachers both nationally and internationally. As a part of my trainings I ask teachers to share the funniest thing that ever happened to them teaching and I am in the process of turning those stories and some of my own into a book called, “Grins, Giggles, and a Tear or Two…Actual Classroom Antics…You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”

I live in Punta Gorda, FL, love to cruise all over the world for sightseeing, am an avid ballroom dancer, and go scuba diving in the Caribbean any time I can.