"North Port Together"

Community Art Quilt

Let's Come Together in an expression of Unity

Take an 8×8 piece of:

  • Heavy Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Canvas

  • Fabric



  • Paint

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Collage

  • Use your imagination!


Here’s Some Ideas!

  •                Create a picture that represents our community of North Port.
  •                How are we all connected?
  •                Create an  artwork that represents your family. Pets included!
  •                How has our community helped each other during the                                Stay at Home Order?
  •                How can we help each other in the future?
  •                Express how we have had unity although we’ve been apart.

THEN..Here's What to Do:

Please send your creations with names

(and email for update information)

to the North Port Art Center, 5950 Sam Shapos Way, North Port, FL 34287, or

drop them off in the wooden Drop-Off box at the front door of the center

*Free Quilt Art starter packs will be available at the center while supplies last 

Thank You for Being Part of Our Future!