ZOOM Classes

NPAC 4 Week Virtual Course to the World of Scratchboard

with Sheryl Unwin


Starts May 4, 2021

This 4 week course will introduce the fabulous world of Scratchboarding.  Teaching various techniques and utilizing a range of different tools to bring images to ife.

In the first week we will go over the different scratchboard tools which can be used for etching a 5 x7 practice scratchboard. these items will be in a list of supplies to purchase, will allow the student to experience with the instructor the various techniques which are used in creating different effects such as Fur, Stippling, Cross Hatching, etc.

During the remaining time in class, an instuctor provided image is transferred to a 5 x7 Ampersand Scratchboard, this permits the instructor to give step by step instruction to the students, a Q &A will be open for the last 30 mins of 1.5 hour session.

The following three weeks the instructor will show demos in th efirst 15 mins executing some of the different tools that can be used, different techniques for some of the more common textures skin, fur, wood etc.. for the remaining time of each virtual Class, we will resume the project that was started in the first week, with the session open to questions from the student.

At the end of the 4-week course, there should be an understanding of the basic techniques required to complete a scratchboard.

To enroll in this 4-week course Please contact Dee Dee at 941-423-6460

There will be a 6-8 week pause in Laura Pommier’s Zoom classes.
She has the honor of painting the first public mural in North Port for the First 1000 Days Initiative.