3D and Pour Painting


Instructor: Barry Thorne

  • Days and Times: Wednesday 1:30 – 4pm
  • Duration: Summer Session
  • Fees: $20/class (non-members), $15/class* (members)
  • Please call for member pricing

(941) 423-6460!





Learn creative ways to make art with a focus on recycled items and found objects. How about taking an old painting and working it into a new 3-D? How about an assemblage from objects or a popular Florida classic, a colorful palm frond? The options are limitless! This all-mediums course will give you the information to use your imagination to make a unique creation. Sculpey Clay, Air Dry Clay, Paper Mache, Wood, Canvas, Paint, Resin, Palm Fronds, and Adhesives of all kinds might be paired with pour painting and marbling instruction to make almost anything!




3D Junk Art

1 Class, 4 Classes