On the Wheel Again – Tuesdays


Instructor: Keith Charron

  • Days and Times: Tuesday, 1 – 4pm
  • Duration: Fall Session
  • Fees: $38 for 1 Class /$204 for 6 classes
  • Please Call for Member Pricing

 (941) 423-6460!

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After a brief demo, students will receive a couple of pounds of clay.

You will learn the process of centering the clay, then pulling it up and out to make a bowl.

In week two, you will trim your work and then make something new.

Overall the course sessions, you will learn to alter your pieces and embellish your work.

And of course, you will learn how to glaze.

Use your hands; be creative and explore what you can build with clay.

On the Wheel Again

1 Class, 6 Classes