Pastels for Everyone


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This class welcomes beginners to the experienced artist. The class will introduce
various techniques and materials to those more familiar with the medium. It will
include the basics of what makes a good painting, value, composition, perspective
etc. The 6-week course will alternate from demo/lesson/ practice one week to a FREE
week the following Friday. Development of a personal style is encouraged. There
will be individual instruction and critique. All level of experience is welcome.


6 Week Course
$80.00 for Members • $125.00 for Non Members
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Basic Material List
As many artists’ quality soft pastels as you feel comfortable with. Color range is more important the quantity.
Recommended Brands: Terry Ludwig, Sennelier, Unison, Great American, Blue Earth, Mt. Vision. Most are available online.
Paper/Supports: Beginners may use hardware sandpaper. Wet/Dry Gator Brand from Ace Hardware works well. It is black. Experienced pastelist, both above sandpaper and/or Uart, Art Spectrum, Pastel Premier are fine.

NO Pastel Paper with NO grit, please.


Sketchbook, Pencils, large black markers, rulers, masking tape or clips.
Floor or table easel if you use one, and smooth drawing/backing board. Many students prefer no easel. This is fine.
An old towel to lay under your painting board, for keeping pastels clean.
Hand wipe/paper towels
Your own photo reference (NO Magazine photos please)


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