Barbara Archer Baldwin

Pastel Artist and Teacher

Originally from Swarthmore, PA, now a full-time resident of Venice, FL, I am an academically schooled professional artist, with training at Rhode Island School of Design, Philadelphia College of Art and Temple University’s Temple School of Fine Arts. I have been involved in the creative process for over 60 years, with experience in many mediums.

Thanks, in part, to having lived my first 18 years on a property which had woods, a stream and a farm nearby with animals, and having had parents who encouraged exploration, education and  exercising our imagination, I have had a life-long love affair with Nature. Not many childhood afternoons were NOT spent in those woods, investigating what lived in them, and the stream, and, usually, getting home with wet shoes, but pockets full of treasure. Sketchbooks, and my memory, were filled with images and notes.

During my first marriage, with two young children, my art got sidelined, as I learned all about self-sufficiency and living off the land on a small farm in Ohio.  I studied plants and all the little creatures in those fields and woods too, storing away the information for future use.After the kids were grown, I finally returned to my first love of painting, at that time with acrylics. About 15 years ago I re-discovered Pastels, in particular, Terry Ludwig Pastels, made in Colorado, and there is no looking back. They have become my passion, which I share whenever I can, including weekly classes, entries in all the local art shows, and a few national ones as well. Also, each year, I try to do 1-3 Fine Art Tent Shows, in the Southwest Florida Coastal area, so watch my website for information about those. I am proud to be  Signature Member, of the Pastel Society of America, the nations oldest and most prestigious Pastel Society.

About My Art

My love of Nature in all her guises, and my feeling of one-ness with the Universe is my primary reason for painting. I need to share my vision of all this beauty , and hope many will want to have it in their homes, enhancing their lives.

My personal goals for my painting include learning all I can of how to capture light; it defines everything, that energy from the Source, The Sun, without which we would not exist.It is a fascinating study to see its’ different effects, the colors of shadows, as well as the different temperatures of light during the day. Doing this with pastels is a constant challenge, but mostly, JOY..For the last couple of years, my focus has expanded to include figural work in what I call my “story” paintings. People doing what they do, either in their work, or at leisure.

Passionate about sharing the beauty of Nature with you!

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