Then, Now




The North Port Art Guild, DBA The North Port Art Center has a long history in the City of North Port. The Art Guild began in 1988 with a loosely formed band of local artists who met in private homes and public meeting rooms, holding classes, small art shows and pushing for their growth in the community.

The Guild was formally incorporated in 1993 and continued serving its growing membership. They met in the YMCA, City Hall, and the North Port Library. In 2007 the North Port City Commissioners voted to lease a building to the Guild and the North Port Art Center was born!

Today, the Art Center’s main building holds an Art Gallery showing off pieces from local artists, the Artisan’s Port Gift Shop, Classrooms, a Library, Administration Offices, and of course, a Kitchen. A second building was added in 2010, through a gift from the State College of Florida to the City of North Port. This building holds a beautifully equipped Pottery Center and Glass Arts Studio.

The North Port Art Center may be small, but these small walls are jam packed full of opportunity and culture. There is a very strong and dedicated community of teachers and artists with a burning passion for bringing the love of arts to everyone. The City of North Port and local business leaders recognize the value and culture the Art Center brings to the community. They continue to support and encourage our growth in having the North Port Art Center becoming a Destination Location.


Gallery Shows & Receptions

Themed monthly art exhibits are a great opportunity for artists to enjoy challenging their creativity and submit their work for everyone to enjoy. The Art Center welcomes the public to come in and take a look through their gallery and day to time we are open. We love to give tours of our facility and answer any questions you may have.

It is our mission to touch every person with the message that creative expression is important to our health and well-being. We strive to provide classes in many types of art for every age group and every level of expertise.
We have an impressive youth program. We start with introducing toddlers to art expression in our “Mommy & Me” style classes that we call “The Mini Monet’s”. Daily classes are also available to after-school and home-schooled children. The community funded “Free Saturday” program provides any child between 5 and 12 a free art class each Saturday throughout the school year and our famous “Funtastic Summer Art Camp” is always filled to capacity.

Adults can enjoy one day art introduction parties, weekly lessons for more serious students, 2 three day workshops by Internationally renowned artists to challenge those at the professional level. The Art Center also has highly trained Art Therapy artists that bring life-enrichment art classes to those in need of assisted living. We also provide individual specialized art instruction to our adult developmentally disabled community.


Our Mission:





For the last 30 years the North Port Art Center has striven to meet the needs of the North Port Community. Everyday the North Port Art Center experiences requests that far exceed our ability to meet those needs. It has become increasingly evident that with the rapid growth of the city of North Port that the art center must attempt to keep up with that demand.

We want to provide more educational opportunities that will reach people from all walks of life. Provide overall educational program(s) to reach anyone who would desire to become involved in the visual arts.

At this point in time in the history of NPAC our Board of Directors has boldly accepted the challenge and now we have embarked on this Revitalization Project , to not only enhance the Art Center, but to attempt to meet the needs of the ever expanding community and the demands placed upon us at this time.

As part of our new “Project” we are actively pursuing collaborations with other local arts and cultural entities. We are proud to work with the North Port Poetry workshop members, the Alamanda Garden club, the Shannon Staub and North Port libraries, Heart and Hands Children’s Performing Arts, Radio Station WKDW-97.5, the Common Grounds Meeting Hall Performance Platform, the Rock Box, the North Port Performing Arts Center, WAVE Home School Program and the Loveland Center.

In conclusion, if the North Port Art Center is going to continue its quest of providing creative forms of visual arts programming to meet the demand we must expand our class offerings, develop new contemporary technologically advanced classes, expand our programs for those that are developmentally challenged while keeping all of our traditional mediums in place as we expand our outreach into the community.