Youth Programs

Youth Art Programs

Labor Day – Memorial Day



Pottery”  -Hand building. Clay, glazes and firing included. Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month starting Sept.9, 5-6:30pm. Ages 10 & up. $70/4 lessons.

Instructor: Jessica Kurilko


”Mad Scientist Art” – Art relates to everything, especially science. Every day a new experience with Professor B. All supplies provided. Mondays, 5-6:30pm. Ages 6 & up. $55/4 lessons,

Instructor: Stephanie Barrett



 “Painting “- Basic color and painting techniques in Watercolors, Tempera, & Acrylics. Tuesdays, thru schoolyear, 4:30-6pm, ages 6 & up. $55/4 lessons.

Instructor: Clare Harvey


“Exercises in Creative Photos” 5-6:30pm, ages 12 & up. All you need is a cellphone to create unique photos for more engaging content for your port folio. $55/4 lessons.

Instructor: Shelley Bell


Creative Explorations” – 3-D art in various materials (paper mache, sculpty- clay, hot glue,

 etc.). Wednesdays. 5:30-7pm. Ages 8 & up. $55/4 lessons.

Instructor: Mr. Barry Thorne 


“Drawing Basics” Perspective, shading, texture, 3-D effects, Anime, etc. Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm, ages 8 & up. $55/4wk, Instructor: Clare Harvey


”Cartooning” – Story-boards, line drawing techniques, etc. All supplies provided. Thursdays thru schoolyear, 5:30-7pm, ages 6 & up. $55/4 classes.

Instructor: Barry Thorne 

“Advanced Drawing” – Experienced level for Perspective, shading, composition, Portraits & photo-realism. Thursdays thru schoolyear, 5:30-7 pm, ages 11 & up, $55/4wks.

Instructor: Clare Harvey. 


“Painting “– Color and painting techniques in Watercolors, Tempera, & Acrylics. Fridays, through schoolyear, 4:30-6 pm, ages 6 & up. $55/4 lessons.

Instructor: Clare Harvey


 Various lessons, various instructors every Saturday except holidays & Labor Day –Memorial Day.

10am-11:30am. Free. 


Contact Clare Harvey at NPAC 941.423.6460 for more info