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Our Mission:

Igniting inner emotion and outward excitement for the arts.

Promoting cultural development and sharing the healing power of self-expression through art exhibitions and education.


5950 Sam Shapos Way ~ North Port~ FL ~ 34287



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North Port Art Center

Wildlife, Weather, Landscape…

Anything Inspired by Mother Nature!

Call for Instructors

“Fun”tastic Art Camp

What would you like to teach?

 Each day, 2 teachers teach their class twice (two 1 ½ hour sessions).

“Funtastic Art” Camp will run from 6/14/21 – 8/6/21, M-F,  9am-1pm, with a lunch break (lunch is not provided to adults). Volunteers will be scheduled for each room. Classes tend to be 12-15 students (8-10 cir. Covid). We are looking for teachers who canteach a wide range of lessons.

Every week we want to offer 10 lessons such as: Drawing (charcoal, pastels, markers…), Painting (tempera, acrylics, watercolors…), Assemblage, Recyclable/nature/science, Weaving/fiber, Architecture/construction, 3-D shape/form, as well as traditional camp projects with an art-education bonus experience. And yet, every week must be different, using different mediums, introducing famous artists, periods in History, or worldcultures.

Art supplies are provided by the art center with a modest budget.

It is the desire of the North Port Art Center to expand its Art Program for the Loveland Center Students.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of this year. 
This enables us to continue and expand the experience of creating art to an important part of our community in the upcoming year.
In hope of your participation in our fundraising efforts, we ask that you use the link below or call us with your generous gift.
Thank You to all who gave during Giving Tuesday!

Recently…from Our Loveland Center NPAC Art Program!

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We have gift certificates for any occasion. Adult and youth art classes, art parties, membership, Artisan Gift Shop, and more!

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North Port Art Center

February 6th – March 5th

Essential Plein Air

Feb 15 – “What to paint and why”

Feb 22 – “Color Issues”

March 1- “Simplify for Sanity”

March 8 – “Top 4 Things that mess up your painting”

Where: 5950 Sam Shapos Way on the first day

Time:     Mondays, 9am-noon

Register Online or Call NPAC  941.423.6460

There will be a 6-8 week pause in Laura Pommier’s Zoom classes.
She has the honor of painting the first public mural in North Port for the First 1000 Days Initiative. 
Please check back, the art center will be following her progress 

Oh, Baby!

The entirety of the First 1000 Days mural has brought challenges related to size, organization and materials, along with a desire to paint a design of the utmost quality.

However my number
one objective was to make sure the baby, the focal point of the mural, was absolute perfection.

I created the child in the mural around the suggestions proposed by the First Thousand Days
Initiative – sounds, colors and shapes forming a world of nurturing, learning and imagination.

We began painting on the right side of the mural only because that is where the lift ended up after projecting the design and repositioning the lift is time-consuming. There we painted two birds, a rabbit and a balloon, in addition to parts of the book and swing.

At this point I had to decide whether to brave the center portion with the baby or go down the left side with the other birds and the logo leaving the baby as a grand finale.

In the end I decided to do the baby next, for several reasons.

One, the paints and brushes would be less compromised
by wear and tear.

Two, I would have more chances to revisit and make corrections to the baby if

And three, I didn’t want to run out of steam on this huge project leaving the most
challenging part to the end.

And oh, baby!

I’m glad I made that decision because the days flew by, energy was high, and the weather was perfect. Before I knew it the child was finished, adorable, happy and as captivating as I had hoped for.

Challenges aside, now I can relax and enjoy the final stretch of the mural.



Winter & Spring Session

Prices are currently set to

non member pricing.

Hosted by Marie LaBrosse and Dee Dee Gozion

Arts are good for business, an eye-opening journey into the creative world of art in S. Sarasota and Charlotte counties and around the world. From prehistoric cave paintings to modern day films, art has served as a vessel for storytelling and conveying mankind’s relationship with its environment. Traveling together we will explore the world of behind the scenes where the artists and business people create for our enjoyment. Major constituents of the arts include literature – including poetry, novels and short stories, and epics; performing arts – among them music, dance, and theater; culinary arts such as baking, chocolatiering, and wine-making; media arts like photography and cinematography, and visual arts – including drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpting. Some art forms combine a visual element with performance (e.g. film) and the written word (e.g. comics).

Kaleidoscope of the Arts sponsored by the North Port Art Center
Wednesdays at 12 noon – WKDW 97.5FM – Home of Real Community

Link to WKDW: 


Wednesday February 3rd – David Sussman, his life and art of photography and digital media.
Wednesday February 10th – Valentine’s Day Show featuring Couples in art.
Wednesday February 17th – Jim Shirley- Executive Director of the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota
Wednesday February 24 – Vallerie Genther and Deb McMullen from Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County



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Youth Art Program

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Tuition to “Fun”tastic Art Camp is
$90 for one week
Full sponsorships for one week are awarded based on financial need or
extenuating circumstances

“Fun”tastic Art Camp 2021

8 Different Art-Themed Weeks

Wk #1     June 14-18    

Wk #2    June 21-25  

Wk #3    June 28- July 2 

Wk #4    July 5- 9 

Wk #5    July 12-16 

Wk #6    July 19- 23

Wk #7    July 26-30

Wk #8    August 2-6

Labor Day 2020 – Memorial Day 2021

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"Stunning art for sale and wonderful instructors. I am currently taking the clay class on Wednesday’s and love it!"​
Blanche Vedette
"Very nice works of local art. A very nice place to meet creative And talented people. The Experience was well worth the time."
Tom Kel
"I stopped at art center one day signed up for a class and I have never stopped. You meet lots of wonderful people and make a ton of friends!!"
Verna McGinn
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